Inventing the ‘new media’ all over again.

06 Aug

Last month, I featured a story about how Macintosh users and Ferrari fans have been considered a target market –by a cell phone company and a sports car respectively. I know it gets confusing, when products target products. But the fact is that in the over saturated media space, the quest for the holy grail of attention, is leading marketers to invent their own media.

Take this quote from the VP of Lifetime TV network, Catherine Moran. (Quoted in Advertising Age, Aug 2, 2004)

“We’re all out there trying to find new media environments..Beaches do seem to be on everybody’s hit list.”

Hard to miss the irony of a TV network (the media) seeking a ‘new media environment’ to market itself.

Here’s another similar story. A Magazine using a Retailer as a ‘media environment’ instead of the other way around. A new magazine, called “All You” by Time Inc, will launch in Wal-Mart. Here’s what the publisher, Diane Oshin said about using Walmart.

All You gives marketers the opportunity to target the ever-growing population of value-driven consumers in a high-quality environment that speaks directly to them,” said Oshin. “And, with initial distribution in Wal-Mart — where this customer shops — this magazine will be an extremely efficient way to reach her.”


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