Quotes for the week ending 12 July, 2008

12 Jul

“He brought wit, grace and a great love of country to his work.”

President Bush, on Tony Snow, former White House press secretary who died today.

“But Obama is not just tacking gently toward the center. He’s lurching right when it suits him, and he’s zigging with the kind of reckless abandon that’s guaranteed to cause disillusion, if not whiplash.”

Bob Herbert, syndicated columnist for The New York Times

“Wake up and smell the rice Mr. Ploom! Im tired of Americans who don’t know a thing about the beauty, complexity or richness of Chinese culture.”

Online reader comment to a story about Ambush Marketing at the Olympics, by Businessweek. The story turned into an ugly exchange between readers from Japan and China.

“…it’s not the story about of the burglar who fell asleep on the resident’s couch that matters. Instead, it’s the everyday news affecting everyday life that we hope keep you coming back.”

Jacqueline Shoyeb, Online Editor, Mesa Republic

“As a metaphor, it’s strained. As a narrative –well, it has none.”

Bob Garfield, in Advertising Age, on the ad for HP’s TouchSmart PC, that he calls a large step ahead of the Mac.

“Together, they represent the real stories of the Games.”

Lenovo launching a web site called “Voices of the Olympic Games” featuring 100 athletes, from more than 25 countries.


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