Quotes for the week ending 2 August, 2008

02 Aug

“The humidity is really something here, you are dripping of sweat in a few minutes ..I guess i should not be complaining at all about humidity, being from Delhi, India.”

Rajyavardhan Rathore, Indian shooter, one of the Lenovo-sponsored bloggers, having just landed at the Olympic village in Beijing.

“I suggest someone be kind and bring an Airport Express or other Wifi router and share the Internet love.”

Andrew Lih, commenting on the claim that internet access in the Olympic village is not free nor cheap.


One word re-used by The Economist magazine this week to describe what it calls a ‘virulently assertive strain of nationalism’ mixed with feelings of diplomatic triumph. In December last year, the article on the Challenge of Beijingoism, called the Olympic preparations a ‘colossal makeover.’

“When I first broached the idea of doing YouTube some people looked at me as though I must have completely lost the plot.”

Queen Rania of Jordan, on using her own YouTube channel to address important issues.

“Even though I am avidly digital, my devotion is not pure-play. There are six print news and culture magazines entering my household … — and of course the thump of a daily newspaper to my doorstep.”

Kendall Allen, on balancing old and new media as the news business goes digital.

“Come like you did for Don Bolles; come to Phoenix and stop this madness.”

Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon, telling the national media to scrutinize Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s immigration sweeps like the way it focused on Bolles, an investigative journalist killed by a car bomb.

“You’ll get respect from providing the media what they need, and writing in AP Style is just icing on the cake.”

Charlotte Risch, at ValleyPRBlog, on whether journalists care or tear their hair out over AP style.



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