Quotes for the week ending 23 August, 2008

23 Aug

“I don’t need to answer that. You guys know that answer. I am the best.”

Usain Bolt, on being asked who was the greatest sprinter in history, after winning his second gold at the Beijing Games.

“You Facebook / Twitter people are a bunch of losers. Who cares how many “friends” anyone has on Facebook”

Someone going by the name Fred, commenting on the Sports Illustrated story about Michael Phelps having one million Facebook “Friends.”

“The teeny bikinis that pass for uniforms tend to overshadow the nature and soul of the athletes inside. Without those uniforms, though, will would anyone be paying attention?”

Dan Bickley, on beach volleyball at the Beijing Games, filing one of his brilliant reports for The Arizona Republic.

“Wikis are troughing”

Tech Crunch, commenting on the Gartner chart that shows the peaks and troughs technologies go through in a hype-cycle.

“This is not a copy of a PC on TV.”

Intel’s Eric Kim, on the ‘Widget Channel’ that will allow TV users check more information on TV and share it with others from the TV set.


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