McCain’s citizen journalist upstages media

03 Sep

As a ‘native’ of Arizona I have seen many sides to John McCain that the traditional media don’t do a good job reporting, partly because they are stuck with the labels they have created for him, and partly because they play to the stereotypes –POW, oldest candidate etc. So if you look at the coverage, it always falls within these confines.

Meghan McCain’s blog, however, sidesteps all of this and gives us the daughter-as-citizen journalist view of a McCain. Her posts, and her photojournalist Shannon, capture images like this. A picture that tells a story of not just a celebrity governor, but a working mum under the glare of the cameras.

And this. A narrative of not just a been-there-done-that senator, but a hardworking man who isn‘t catching his z’s on the campaign plane.

Meanwhile from the Republican convention, we are fed the same old, same old. Slogans, campaign pins, and speeches, with the rest of them tiptoeing around Palin.

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Posted by on September 3, 2008 in Citizen Journalism, Social Media


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