Quotes for the week ending 20 Sept, 2008

20 Sep

“The red phone is ringing at 3 a.m.”

Senator Charles E. Schumer, on the U.S. financial crisis unfolding that has become the deciding factor between Obama and McCain. He was alluding to the phone in the Clinton ad attacking Obama about responding to a  crisis.

“Make an impact. Engage your passion. Realize your potential”

Copy on the careers page of Lehman Brothers we site.

“As communic8ters ar we boun 2 stik by thee rools?”

Rob Briggs, with a post at the Melcrum blog, on the disappearance of grammar and writing skills, thanks to texting and Twitter.

“When you have loss of life, spinning is unacceptable.”

Denise Tyrell, spokesperson for Metrolink, the company at the cross-hairs of the train crash in Chatsworth California, who resigned after she was accused of criticized for her candor at a press conference.

“Public Relations used to be about Publicity … PR pros are now much more focused on the ‘Relations’ side of ‘Public Relations.”

Todd Defren with one of his takes (he has three) on the elevator pitch for Public Relations.

“Where once there was but an ocean filled with a certain type of fish, today there are channels leading to different bodies of water, where the fish exhibit unusual behaviors and don’t respond to the old bait. It’s PR’s job to find out what these new fish in these unusual waters like to eat – before ever casting the first line.”

Parry Headrick’s response to the above.

“That would buy about 50,000 cans of Red Bull …”

News in Wired Campus, that a professor of informatics at UC Irvine has won a National Science Foundation award for $100,000 to study World of Warcraft.

“Multiply my arrogance by 1000x and you get Carly Fiorina. Wow is she clueless.”

Robert Scoble, on Twitter, commenting on Fiorina’s comments about Fiorina, once described as McCain’s economic brain.


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