Small groups in larger network

10 Nov

What do you think of this statement?

“We’re a small-group animal, trying to live in large groups….”

A statement from Paul and Anne Ehrlich (quoted by Andrew Revkin) who writes about the challenges for 6 billion of us.

Planet earth, the largest social network, is more connected than we realize: we super poke each other in strange ways, and hear each others status updates whether we log on or not! What we do in our cave or cubicle often instantly influences or inspires someone else.

I was particularly interested in that comment of our small group vs big group idea. Are we a small group fighting for survival in a big group, or are we a big group breaking out into small groups in order to sustain ourselves? Geo-politically we have the EC, NAFTA, ASEAN etc.

There are plenty of examples in communications and networking why this might be the case. I am losing count of how many small groups I am part of. And that’s not counting the Facebook groups I grudgingly join, and most often turn down. Print folk, PR buddies, marketing practitioners, alumni groups, book clubs, listeners of common podcasts … our niches cut through the traditional demographic sectors every day.


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