Twinterview with Silvia Cambie today

12 Aug

Today will be the 5th Twitter interview in the series I have been conducting over the past few months.

This one will be interesting to IABC members, particularly, since I will be talking to the co-authopr of a just-published book, International Communications Strategy. The book has won a major award.

Silvia Cambié is a cross-cultural communicator and journalist, and advises clients on strategic communication, stakeholder relations and social media.

As the formayt goes, I will conduct the Twinterview via Tweetdeck, and live post the  Q and As here. It begins at 10 am, Pacific.

Let’s get started. Some basic housekeeping matters:

I will be using the tag #hoipolloi to make it easy for followers.

AF: @XCulture Good morning (or evening for you?) Silvia. Thanks for agreeing to this interview.

SC: @heyangelo Good evening from rainy London. You are welcome. Looking fwd to your questions

AF: @XCulture For those who don’t know you on my blog, describe who you are and what you do –you could take 2  tweets #hoipolloi

SC: @heyangelo Cross-cultural communicator , journalist. Used to cover Eastern Europe. Worked for international trade associations. #hoipolloi

SC: @heyangelo Founded London-based Chanda Communications. Advise clients on international comms, social media and the female economy.

AF: @XCulture Journalist, too? We need to pick up on that since we have so many journalism-related issues today I’m v interested in #hoipolloi

SC: @heyangelo Sure, Angelo. Any time #hoipolloi

AF: @XCulture What got you into publishing the book? Was there a  book lurking inside your head? #hoipolloi

SC: @heyangelo #hoipolloi Got the idea in Eastern Eur. I believe cross-cultural comms is essential for real economic progress and peace

AF: @XCulture #hoipolloi You have one awesome co-author. How did you find her? Tell us a bit about who she is

SC: @heyangelo #hoipolloi I met Yang-May through City Women’s Network where I served as a board member.

SC: @heyangelo #hoipolloi YM is a blogger and a writer. Born in Malaysia . Is the best co-author ever! So well organised… it’s almost scary.

AF: @XCulture #hoipolloi Let’s talk about the book. With the rise of globalization & offshoring what’s the new comm mindset we need to have?

SC: @heyangelo #hoipolloi Communicators need a new set of skills to be able to interpret complexity and deal with ambiguity

SC: @heyangelo #hoipolloi Communicator of the future will need to be an integrator able to aggregate info and understand new cultural settings

AF: @XCulture #hoipolloi The word ‘control’ has got a bad rap. With orgs so decentralized, and no one in control, is it a recipe for disaster?

SC: @heyangelo #hoipolloi We believe in a new approach to leadership. Integrative Thinking developed by Roger Martin of @rotmanschool

AF: @XCulture #hoipolloi Sounds a lot like integrative decision-making –something we promote -if I may shamellessly plug

SC: @heyangelo #hoipolloi Sure go ahead. I love a good plug! Particularly if it supports Integrative Thinking!

SC:  @heyangelo #hoipolloi Replacing control with leadership models able to integrate different cultural elements

AF: @XCulture #hoipolloi We tend to take digital access to content for granted. What would we be shocked at to find in other countries?

SC: @heyangelo #hoipolloi The story is actually quite different! China is no. 1 in terms of on-line content creation!

AF: @XCulture  #hoipolloi Most people may not have even heard of QQ.  Twice the size of FB? We are cultural frogs in the well, I suppose

AF: @XCulture #hoipolloi To return 2 journalism. You speak of new forms in your book. What are they and why should we pay attention?

SC: @heyangelo #hoipolloi Am great believer in the power of participatory journalism

AF: @XCulture #hoipolloi Great post. FutuRoom? Cafes to chat with journos? Is this in the book? Maybe Spot.Us will be interested

SC: @heyangelo #hoipolloi And We can’t expect people to get their info from the media any longer

AF: @XCulture #hoipolloi I’m going to do something different in this Twinterview, and bring someone else to join the conversation…

AF: @fusionview @xculture #hoipolloi Welcome Yang-May. Glad you were able to join

SC: fusionview @heyangelo #hoipolloi Exciting having YM joining us from the bus! BTW Which bus?

AF: @XCulture #hoipolloi @fusionview Now that I have both authors, I have 2 start by asking u both the story behind your Twitter handles

YM: @heyangelo #hoipolloi Fusion View like fusion food. East & West. I’m from Malaysia, now in London. Name of my blog

SC: @heyangelo #hoipolloi It was actually YM to come up with XCulture as a name for my blog on cross-cultural comms

AF: @XCulture @xculture #hoipolloi Fusion, cross-culture, collaboration, IABC… I can see a great thread here –great material for the CW blog

AF: @fusionview @xculture #hoipolloi Yang-May, could you talk of a great example (in the book or otherwise) on the interactive use of the web?

SC: @heyangelo @fusionview #hoipolloi Yes, I guess that’s what IABC is all about

AF: @XCulture #hoipolloi Could you tell us an example of cross-cultural use of the interactive web –from the book or elsewhere?

SC: @heyangelo #hoipolloi I love the story of the multicultural YouTube Symphony Orchestra

AF: @XCulture #hoipolloi So… communications is like an orchestra. Does it need someone to wave the baton, however? Who might he/she be?

SC: @heyangelo #hoipolloi Someone able 2 create a connection that leads 2 sharing. Someone with high cultural sensibility

SC: @heyangelo #hopolloi Yes, it is overstated. Sharing is the name of the new game.

AF: @XCulture #hoipolloi On your blog, you address digital activism in S. America. What’s your take on how the web is empowering people?

SC: @heyangelo #hoipolloi Chile has some great examples re. digital activism. So refreshing!

AF: @XCulture #hoipolloi For some it might be unsettling, not refreshing. Could you explain what happened there?

SC: @heyangelo #hoipolloi I also believe that part of the role of comms is 2 unsettle people… get them thinking. Anything but the status quo

AF: @XCulture #hoipolloi Great definition! Be unsettling. Be the catalyst. Be heard 🙂

SC: @heyangelo #hoipolloi I love Be Usettling. We should put it on a T-shirt

SC: @heyangelo #hoipolloi People got 2gether online 2 boycott pharmacies in Santiago accused of collusion. Used FB and Google 2 organise it

AF: @XCulture #hoipolloi Finally, back 2 the book: $40 is  apretty steep price  Give us 2 reasons 2 beg/borrow/steal /buy it

SC: @heyangelo #hoipolloi Helps communicators 2 function in the Flat World. Has unique case studies gained from broad network of global contacts

AF: @XCulture #hoipolloi Thanks so much for your time, Silvia (and Yang-May if you are online) Good luck on the book. I see it’s won nominated for an award!

SC: @heyangelo #hoipolloi Thanks to you, Angelo. The book has been nominated for the FT Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year Award.


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