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Take survey on social media adoption + impact

Today I want to urge all communicators to take this very quick survey by Forrester. It’s an attempt to understand how social media is ‘penetrating’ the C-suite, and will impact us all in 2010.

Take survey here:

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Networking survey: are you an online or offline type?

Dahna Chandler is looking at what kind of networking truly benefits people. Meaning what is more effective,m productive and profitable. Just one question.

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What McDonald’s knows and Milford Plaza doesn’t

Do you survey your customers? How many questions in that survey don’t even need to be asked?

I responded to two surveys this week, and some of the questions were so obvious and redundant, I bet the cleaning crew in the office would have been able to answer them. I was a stone’s throw from New York City’s Times Square last week, but when I needed a wi-fi connection to check in with the office, the Milford Plaza was not throwing that in as a value add. Like many hotels, they still make you pay about eleven bucks for it. It’s called “wireless high-speed Internet access available upon request.” Which strikes me as very odd, because (it’s an utility that’s soon going to be free) they’re giving it away for nada a few hundred yards away in McDonald’s.

So when the online ‘customer satisfaction survey’ from Milford promptly arrived a few days later, I knew there would be a wi-fi question. Someone in the org chart rightly paying attention to what customers think about bathroom fittings and the cleanliness of the lobby, had added it in. That someone probably knew what the rating scale would indicate.

So the next time you write a customer survey question keep this in mind.

  • Gut check: Will it tell me something I already know/ignore?
  • Org check: Could the answers change the organization’s attitude toward the customer?
  • Sanity check: Does it make me look pathetic, needing to even ask?
  • Golden Arches check: How would McDonald’s handle it?
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Britannica or Wikipedia?

Do you own an Encyclopedia? If so, how often have you looked into it?
Or you a die-hard Wikipedia, Encarta or Grolier user? I could use your insights in an upcoming article.

I have 3 questions if you could spare me a minute.

Take survey here.