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Twinterview with Steve England

SteveEnglandStarting at 10 am today, I wil be interviewing Steve England, of NewMediaMarketing.

Steve’s got an interesing background in marketing, and I like to think of him as one of the smartest cross-over marketers in the Valley. What’s a ‘cross-over’ marketer?

I’ll let him explain when we get started.

I’ll let you into something else. I plan to get Steve to demo how easy it is to implement a Quick Response tag in your marketing. Be prepared to use your smart-phone!

Note: I will live-blog the interview here.


AF: Welcome Steve England @englandsc Glad you were able to make it. Let’s try to keep this moving fast since we’ve got a lot to discuss.

SE: Thanks for the opportunity @heyangelo

AF: @englandsc Tell us about how you got into digital marketing, having started out as a Print guy — in the ‘dead tree communications’ business

SE: englandsc I was always about technology and how I could impact consumers more effectively through communications. Print was just a pathway at the time.

SE: My degree is in Visual Communications…social and mobile fall into that channel.

SE: @englandsc Visual Communications?  Most people think of it as putting ink on paper.  You’ve moved past that. Is paper obsolete? Or…

SE: @heyangelo We can make better use of paper by integrating with newer technologies at the same time.

AF: @englandsc Tell us about NewMediaMarketing and the awesome product – Quick Response Tags. People’s eyes glaze when I mention this.

SE: @heyangelo New Media Marketing is an Integrated Marketing agency specializing in channel optimization and focused on growing Mobile opps

SE: @heyangelo Quick Response Tags “QR Codes” are the answer bringing print to life simply by taking a snapshot of them with your Mobile Camera

AF: @englandsc I will have to ask you to explain ‘Channel optimization’ with a for instance –but I have a quick question before that

AF: @englandsc Steve, is this a good example of how a tag could be used? Sans paper most of the time…

SE: @heyangelo Great example, any form of visual communications can benefit from the QR Codes with unlimited possibilities as the result.

SE: @heyangelo QR Codes allow a Marketer to deliver unlimited amounts of information to anyone through the simple SNAP-A-TAG interface

AF: @englandsc And where could someone find out more about a Snap-a-tag interface ?

SE: @heyangelo New groups form online daily in support of the tech. Feel free to follow me here for all breaking news. Also follow MicrosoftTAG

SE: @heyangelo QR Codes, TAGS will play an important role in Green Initiatives going forward through print, online and Mobile communications

AF: @englandsc Did you see today’s story about  the NFL going paperless with tickets? Have the Coyotes heard about QR tags?

NMM: RT @heyangelo @englandsc Steve, is this a good example of how a tag could be used? Sans paper most of the time…

SE: @heyangelo Most important factor when using QR Codes is the consumer experience and the message or call-to-action in the marketing piece

SE: @heyangelo successful marketing is also dependent on unified message within multiple communication channels and convenience to the consumer

AF: @englandsc Let me ask you to demo a tag. Could you point to one, and explain –stepwise –how it works?

SE: @heyangelo on your mobile device go to Http:// this will walk you thru quick one-time install so you can snap Microsoft TAGs

AF: @englandsc So it’s a download for Blackberry, iPhone or Windows  Mobile. And then?

SE: @heyangelo Once you have the app installed you can scan and activate the content behind any TAG. Also see as another version

SE: @heyangelo You can find TAG on my Twitter home, my email signature, any of my communication collateral, each results in a unique experience

AF: @englandsc I can see these QR tags on business cards, train stations and cereal boxes. Simplified, mobile pull marketing, finally!

SE: We have examples of video content, Phone numbers, Vcards, microsites, game pieces, surveys, location based maps…it’s endless.

SE: @heyangelo 80% of web-enabled phones can use some version of the QR Codes. More phones are shipped direct from the factory pre-installed.

SE: @heyangelo once you have the app, launch, activates your camera, position over any TAG, SNAP and you’re taken to unlimited possibilities.

AF: So a customer snaps a tag, using a camera, will it directly connect him/her to digital content?

SE: anywhere a user has web connectivity they’ll have access to content linked to that TAG. That content can be changed anytime.

AF: Is Beetag a competitor to Microsoft’s tag?

SE: BeeTagg has a less distinct appearence in their QR Codes than MicrosoftTAG but they result in the same type of experience.

SE: @heyangelo visit our website and discover how the NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB will all be influenced by this technology, SNAP our TAG and see how.

AF: @englandsc Apart from sports, is anyone in the sustainability  space aware of the this new form of marketing?

SE: Thanks for the opportunity to share our thoughts on how we’ll all be communicating much sooner than expected. Watch for TAGS!

AF: Great chatting, Steve! I always learn so much from you. Where can someone find one of your demos?

SE: Checkout they have implementation launching. Using QR Codes is a Global inititive with our full support.

SE: Demos are updated frequently on our website. you can also follow @Newmediamarket or find us on LinkedIn for SlideShare content.

AF: I still like to have a T-shirt with a customized tag! Maybe we should wear some to @podcampaz

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Twinterview with Steve England tomorrow

Tomorrow at 10 am (Pacific) I will be conducting a Twitter interview with Steve England, of NewMediaMarketing.

If you are not familiar with NewMediaMarketing, it’s a company that does some amazing things in audience engagement, using smart tags.

I won’t try to explain what a smart tag is –except link to this— since Steve will be fielding questions that would clear any doubt you have about this.

For those who folllow this blog, this is the fifth ‘Twinterview in the series. The last one was in August, so it appears I have been slacking. Well, between starting my own consulting gig, and ransiting out of ASU, let’s just say that September whizzed by!

How to follow the Twintervew:

  • You could follow it at @heyangelo, or @englandsc
  • Time permitting, I will be live-blogging the session here as well.

Twinterview with Silvia Cambie today

Today will be the 5th Twitter interview in the series I have been conducting over the past few months.

This one will be interesting to IABC members, particularly, since I will be talking to the co-authopr of a just-published book, International Communications Strategy. The book has won a major award.

Silvia Cambié is a cross-cultural communicator and journalist, and advises clients on strategic communication, stakeholder relations and social media.

As the formayt goes, I will conduct the Twinterview via Tweetdeck, and live post the  Q and As here. It begins at 10 am, Pacific.

Let’s get started. Some basic housekeeping matters:

I will be using the tag #hoipolloi to make it easy for followers.

AF: @XCulture Good morning (or evening for you?) Silvia. Thanks for agreeing to this interview.

SC: @heyangelo Good evening from rainy London. You are welcome. Looking fwd to your questions

AF: @XCulture For those who don’t know you on my blog, describe who you are and what you do –you could take 2  tweets #hoipolloi

SC: @heyangelo Cross-cultural communicator , journalist. Used to cover Eastern Europe. Worked for international trade associations. #hoipolloi

SC: @heyangelo Founded London-based Chanda Communications. Advise clients on international comms, social media and the female economy.

AF: @XCulture Journalist, too? We need to pick up on that since we have so many journalism-related issues today I’m v interested in #hoipolloi

SC: @heyangelo Sure, Angelo. Any time #hoipolloi

AF: @XCulture What got you into publishing the book? Was there a  book lurking inside your head? #hoipolloi

SC: @heyangelo #hoipolloi Got the idea in Eastern Eur. I believe cross-cultural comms is essential for real economic progress and peace

AF: @XCulture #hoipolloi You have one awesome co-author. How did you find her? Tell us a bit about who she is

SC: @heyangelo #hoipolloi I met Yang-May through City Women’s Network where I served as a board member.

SC: @heyangelo #hoipolloi YM is a blogger and a writer. Born in Malaysia . Is the best co-author ever! So well organised… it’s almost scary.

AF: @XCulture #hoipolloi Let’s talk about the book. With the rise of globalization & offshoring what’s the new comm mindset we need to have?

SC: @heyangelo #hoipolloi Communicators need a new set of skills to be able to interpret complexity and deal with ambiguity

SC: @heyangelo #hoipolloi Communicator of the future will need to be an integrator able to aggregate info and understand new cultural settings

AF: @XCulture #hoipolloi The word ‘control’ has got a bad rap. With orgs so decentralized, and no one in control, is it a recipe for disaster?

SC: @heyangelo #hoipolloi We believe in a new approach to leadership. Integrative Thinking developed by Roger Martin of @rotmanschool

AF: @XCulture #hoipolloi Sounds a lot like integrative decision-making –something we promote -if I may shamellessly plug

SC: @heyangelo #hoipolloi Sure go ahead. I love a good plug! Particularly if it supports Integrative Thinking!

SC:  @heyangelo #hoipolloi Replacing control with leadership models able to integrate different cultural elements

AF: @XCulture #hoipolloi We tend to take digital access to content for granted. What would we be shocked at to find in other countries?

SC: @heyangelo #hoipolloi The story is actually quite different! China is no. 1 in terms of on-line content creation!

AF: @XCulture  #hoipolloi Most people may not have even heard of QQ.  Twice the size of FB? We are cultural frogs in the well, I suppose

AF: @XCulture #hoipolloi To return 2 journalism. You speak of new forms in your book. What are they and why should we pay attention?

SC: @heyangelo #hoipolloi Am great believer in the power of participatory journalism

AF: @XCulture #hoipolloi Great post. FutuRoom? Cafes to chat with journos? Is this in the book? Maybe Spot.Us will be interested

SC: @heyangelo #hoipolloi And We can’t expect people to get their info from the media any longer

AF: @XCulture #hoipolloi I’m going to do something different in this Twinterview, and bring someone else to join the conversation…

AF: @fusionview @xculture #hoipolloi Welcome Yang-May. Glad you were able to join

SC: fusionview @heyangelo #hoipolloi Exciting having YM joining us from the bus! BTW Which bus?

AF: @XCulture #hoipolloi @fusionview Now that I have both authors, I have 2 start by asking u both the story behind your Twitter handles

YM: @heyangelo #hoipolloi Fusion View like fusion food. East & West. I’m from Malaysia, now in London. Name of my blog

SC: @heyangelo #hoipolloi It was actually YM to come up with XCulture as a name for my blog on cross-cultural comms

AF: @XCulture @xculture #hoipolloi Fusion, cross-culture, collaboration, IABC… I can see a great thread here –great material for the CW blog

AF: @fusionview @xculture #hoipolloi Yang-May, could you talk of a great example (in the book or otherwise) on the interactive use of the web?

SC: @heyangelo @fusionview #hoipolloi Yes, I guess that’s what IABC is all about

AF: @XCulture #hoipolloi Could you tell us an example of cross-cultural use of the interactive web –from the book or elsewhere?

SC: @heyangelo #hoipolloi I love the story of the multicultural YouTube Symphony Orchestra

AF: @XCulture #hoipolloi So… communications is like an orchestra. Does it need someone to wave the baton, however? Who might he/she be?

SC: @heyangelo #hoipolloi Someone able 2 create a connection that leads 2 sharing. Someone with high cultural sensibility

SC: @heyangelo #hopolloi Yes, it is overstated. Sharing is the name of the new game.

AF: @XCulture #hoipolloi On your blog, you address digital activism in S. America. What’s your take on how the web is empowering people?

SC: @heyangelo #hoipolloi Chile has some great examples re. digital activism. So refreshing!

AF: @XCulture #hoipolloi For some it might be unsettling, not refreshing. Could you explain what happened there?

SC: @heyangelo #hoipolloi I also believe that part of the role of comms is 2 unsettle people… get them thinking. Anything but the status quo

AF: @XCulture #hoipolloi Great definition! Be unsettling. Be the catalyst. Be heard 🙂

SC: @heyangelo #hoipolloi I love Be Usettling. We should put it on a T-shirt

SC: @heyangelo #hoipolloi People got 2gether online 2 boycott pharmacies in Santiago accused of collusion. Used FB and Google 2 organise it

AF: @XCulture #hoipolloi Finally, back 2 the book: $40 is  apretty steep price  Give us 2 reasons 2 beg/borrow/steal /buy it

SC: @heyangelo #hoipolloi Helps communicators 2 function in the Flat World. Has unique case studies gained from broad network of global contacts

AF: @XCulture #hoipolloi Thanks so much for your time, Silvia (and Yang-May if you are online) Good luck on the book. I see it’s won nominated for an award!

SC: @heyangelo #hoipolloi Thanks to you, Angelo. The book has been nominated for the FT Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year Award.


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Twitter interview with Jessica Hansen

Welcome to the fourth ‘Twinterview’ here at HoipolloiReport, and welcome to Jessica Hansen, who’s agreed to participate / be grilled in this compressed, live format.

Others in this series have been:

It’s going on live at 9.00 am today at

AF: @JessicaLHansen Good morning Jess. Thanks for agreeing to do this Twinterview. Did you know you’re the fourth ‘victim’?

JH: @heyangelo I’m honored to be the fourth Twinterview ‘victim’ 🙂

AF: @JessicaLHansenYou’re a very big Twitter user. What do you make of compressed interviews?

JH: @heyangelo I’ve been using Twitter since ’07 & love it! Twinterviews are a great way 2 quickly share concise bits of info w/ a lrg audience

AF: @JessicaLHansen For a moment I thought you said since you were 7 🙂

JH: @heyangelo HAHA! No, the Internet wasn’t even around when I was 7 — Let alone Twitter 🙂

AF: @JessicaLHansen If you were to choose between blogging and micro-blogging, what makes more sense to you and how you work?

JH: @heyangelo I don’t know that u need to choose btwn blogging & micro-blogging…

JH: @heyangelo I’d use a blog to share more in-depth info or maybe info just about one subject (which may only appeal to a smaller audience)…

AF: @JessicaLHansen Some people think Twitter is just mindless ‘brain noise’ Wher and blogging is the new long-form journalism

JH: @heyangelo Use micro-blogging 2 not only share bits of info (& link 2 in-depth blog posts if u want), but also engage more & listen 4 info

JH: @heyangelo I’m going to have to check out The Hobson and Holtz Report – Podcast ( for the piece about ‘brain noise’

JH: @heyangelo There are def. still Twitter users who are posting updates about what they are eating (now famous example), and nothing else

JH: @heyangelo Those same people rarely see the value in using Twitter — It should be a two-way form of communication…

JH: Don’t use Twitter to just push ‘mindless’ info…Listen to what else is being shared, & engage w/ others to get the most value

AF: @JessicaLHansen Such as? Name three people you follow who do a good job at it

JH: @heyangelo You’re putting me on the spot–I have a hard time w/ #FollowFriday because there are so many people who are sharing great info

JH: I enjoy following people who tweet useful info (beyond the ‘yum! I’m eating a grilled cheese’) and share common interests of mine

JH: @heyangelo To be general, I enjoy following reporters to get more insight into their personalities & to learn about what they’re working on

AF: @JessicaLHansen Nice dodge, can u be specific? No harm giving a shout out to someone

JH: @heyangelo For a great list of communicators, I turn to the ‘IABC on Twitter’ list (

JH: @heyangelo Most of my #Mindspace colleagues are on Twitter–If I pick 2 who use it regularly & do a great job, follow: @BDiggs @JeffHechtAZ

JH: @heyangelo And of course u do a great job at using Twitter–engaging w/ your followers, & sharing links to interesting artices #FollowFriday

AF: Ah, Flattery! Won’t let you go off lightly, though. Let’s talk about jobs.

AF: @JessicaLHansen Let’s talk about your job. You were immersed in digital media and were laid off. Were you taken by surprise? Why?

JH: @heyangelo Yes, back to your question about jobs, and being laid off while being immersed in digital media…

JH: @heyangelo I think the best thing people can do right now is realize the power of having a strong network, esp. when u don’t think u need it

AF: @JessicaLHansen I want 2 go bck 2 that week. Did you pull out your resume? Log into LinkedIn? Posted a status update on FB? What did u do?

JH: @heyangelo When I was laid off, I had already been actively involved w/ @IABC_Phoenix, was volunteering w/ ADA, & building a Twitter network

JH: @heyangelo First thing I did after being laid off was update all of my online profiles — LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter…

JH: @heyangelo You always want your online profiles 2 be current, but I was surprised by just how many peopel reached out after hearing the news

JH: @heyangelo I’m connected w/ family & friends on LinkedIn & FB & know I have their support…Was overwhelmed by generosity of Twitter friends

JH: @heyangelo I was already on Twitter sharing info. w/ people–Then, when I needed support, had people offering advice, help w/ my resume, etc

AF: @JessicaLHansen How about networks in the Valley? Did you do a lot of face-to-face meetings or were you all digital?

JH: @heyangelo That’s an important point, Angelo. I connected w/ a lot of people online, but I made a point of having face-to-face mtgs as well

JH: @heyangelo @IABC_Phoenix is a great network, & there are some other chapters organizing support groups 2 help collaborate in tough times

AF: @JessicaLHansen Were there any hiring managers that found you because of your social media footprint?

JH: @heyangelo Yes, I heard from a few hiring mgrs because of my social media footprint–Scheduled in-person interview w/ @cplanchard via DM 🙂

AF: @JessicaLHansen What do you think job seekers do badly?

JH: @heyangelo Job seekers who have a strong network of pros are going to be a step ahead when it comes to finding the next career opp

AF: @JessicaLHansen And from the other side, what do you think companies seeking great employees do badly?

JH: @heyangelo HR depts are getting bombarded by resumes from job seekers right now–It’s important to connect w/ people & build relationships

JH: @heyangelo Hiring mgrs are missing out if they aren’t joining the convo on Twitter–Great way 2 find talent & learn a lot about candidates

AF: @JessicaLHansen Let’s switch to IABC. You’ve taken on the presidency this year for IABC_Phoenix. What are your three big goals?

JH: @heyangelo Yes, I’m honored 2 serve as @IABC_Phoenix President this yr. We are focusing on having our members Be Heard more than ever…

JH: @heyangelo @IABC_Phoenix will be the definitive resource for comm practices & engaging communicators at all stages of their careers

JH: @heyangelo @IABC_Phoenix will enable our members’ success in performing their jobs and advancing their careers

JH: @heyangelo Personally, I’d like 2 connect w/ as many @IABC_Phoenix members as possible this yr–Get 2 know them, hear what they need from us

AF: @JessicaLHansen From recent membership at IABC_Phoenix, attendees at events, what are members seeking most?

JH: @heyangelo From recent @IABC_Pheonix surveys, members want: smart network of comm pros, info on new career opps, & more on social media

JH: @heyangelo @IABC_Phoenix will enable our members’ success in performing their jobs and advancing their career

AF: @JessicaLHansen How do you see Phoenix positioned in terms of Communications opportunities?

JH: @heyangelo I think there are a lot of opps 4 comm pros in #Phx, but it’s also 1 of the hardest hit by this economy–We need to work together

AF: @JessicaLHansen #On that somewhat optimistic note, I’ll let you go. I know you have to run. Thanks for your time!

JH: @heyangelo Thanks so much, Angelo! I enjoyed the Twinterview (thanks for the opp!), and hope I was able to share some helpful information.


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Twinterview on Friday with IABC Phoenix president

One more in this Twitter interview series. (Following Johna Burke, Nina Miller, and Mitch Joel)

Indeed an interview on Twitter can be looked at as too compressed or a fascinating use of a real-time tool, especially since it is tied to a micro- social network. It poses some challenges, not so different from those I run into using VOIP (Skype) or a cell phone.  In the process, the ‘twinterview’ teaches us other things as well. How to hyperlink responses, cross-post to a blog, and use a back-channel or direct messaging feature.

Friday’s guest, Jessica Hansen will be interesting. She was deep into social media when she was laid off, and has been using face-to-face and online networks to bounce back. Jessica is also taking over as pres of a chapter that has been consistently doing great things for communicators here in the Valley. Can we fit all this into a compressed micro-blogging format? Let’s see!

Who: Jessica Hansen, president IABC/Phoenix

When: 9.00 am (mountain/Pacific)

Where: Here at this blog


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Twinterview with Mitch Joel live, now

Today I am conducting a Twinterview –Twitter Interview– with marketing guru, podcaster, and now author af an upcoming book, Six Pixels of Separation.

@mitchjoel Good afternoon, Mitch. I’ve been a  longtime listener of Six Pixels of Separation. When did the idea of the book come up –and how?

Mitch Joel: @heyangelo book idea came together about two years ago. I wanted to connect the non-connected business to our world (using their words)

@mitchjoel Explain ‘six pixels’ to someone who doesn’t get Small World theory. Do u have a Twit-friendly answer?

Mitch Joel: @heyangelo we used to “know someone who knew someone” now – with these digital channels – we are all connected. No degrees. Only pixels.

@mitchjoel Let’s move to your marketing practice,. Are there clients who listen to your podcast & still shake their heads at social media?

Mitch Joel @heyangelo I think clients are much more savvy than some marketers give them credit for. They get it and they want more of it.

@mitchjoel Because of the Tweetdeck delay I want to go back to your point about Pixels not Degrees. Pixels as in links?

Mitch Joel: @heyangelo no pixels as in: we’re connected. If you do a search on Google for anyone, you are connected. No need for an intro through others

@mitchjoel Tell us a bit about the book –Use as many tweets for this to tell us (a) what gap does it fill (b) who is your audience?

Mitch Joel: @heyangelo gap: a business book in business talk for business people about connecting to consumers.

Mitch Joel: @heyangelo audience = every person you and I have to “convince” that using these channels is good/smart for business.

@mitchjoel Ah! So you mean we could secretly mail the book to someone in the C-suite? Would you have a podio-book of this as well?

Mitch Joel: @heyangelo no need to be secretive about mailing the book My hopes are that those reading this know who to give it to and they’ll be happy

Mitch Joel: @heyangelo audio versions will be available. I have to say, recording the audio was hard… they wanted it perfect 🙂

@mitchjoel Tell our readers why you were summoned (too strong a word?) to Google to explain social media. What did THEY need to know?

Mitch Joel: mitchjoel@heyangelo Google holds events – internally and public ones for clients. I’ve been asked to give presentations there. It’s an honor.

@mitchjoel Regarding the audiobook, do you have rights to do whatever you wish with it in your podcast?

Mitch Joel: @heyangelo I do not. The audiobook is the property of my book publisher: Grand Central – Hachette Book Group.

Mitch Joel: @heyangelo I do not have those rights. I’m sure my Publisher would be open to suggestions though 😉

@mitchjoel Are you under pressure to market the book using the digital strategies you recommend?

Mitch Joel: @heyangelo I would not say it is “pressure”. Again, I want the book to hit the businesspeople who are not following Twitter and Blogs.

@mitchjoel You’ve got another large digital footprint on Facebook – 1,681 members. What excites that community?

Mitch Joel: @heyangelo funny, I thought it was more like 3,660 😉 The conversation is def. different. Not sure why, but it’s just different.

Mitch Joel: @heyangelo it’s all the same to me. Give first, build the community and be helpful. Everything else works out.

@mitchjoel What have you learned as a podcaster and blogger, that you didn’t know as just a marketer?

Awaiting answer: Tweetdeck delay

@mitchjoel Thanks for your time, Mitch. + patience with Tweetdeck delays etc. I’m looking fwd to the book. Preorder!

Mitch Joel: @heyangelo thanks for the Twinterview… that was fun. Next time, let’s just use two cans and a string 😉


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Twinterview with ASU’s Nina Miller Kulhawy

Yesterday i took part in a large social media exercise that allowed us to cover the visit of president Barack Obama to ASU, where he spoke at the commencement.

To follow up, I am doing a series of podcasts and Twinterviews. Continuing where I left off.

This afternoon, I will be live posting responses from Nina Miller Kulhawy, principal  graphic designer at the Office of The President. Watch this space!

AF: You’re a Graphic Designer heavy into web design. What got you into social media here at ASU in such a big way? #twitview09 #asugrad

NMK: I went to web 2.0 conf 2 yrs ago, it clicked with me. Human connections have always fascinated me. #twitview09 #asugrad09

NMK: I think universities need to engage with people as individuals, and I see this as a way to do that. #twitview09 #asugrad09

AF: Few people know u are an improv actor. Does relating 2 a real audience have lessons 4 communicating w/ virtual peeps? #twitview09  #asugrad

NMK: Yes! Improvising and dealing with a live audience in person doesn’t differ from what is needed online #twitview09 #asugrad

NMK: Listening skills apply in both, not just always producing content, but hearing what others are saying #twitview09 #asugrad09

AF: Let’s get to Obama’s visit May13. What part did social media play in your job? Was it even in your job description? #twitview09 #asugrad09

NMK:  It fits under “other duties as assigned.” I was tweeting as @asugraduation for the day w/@JulieEspinosa #twitview09 #asugrad09

NMK: I was part of the planning committee, worked with Melissa Werner & @tiffapiffa to build the event site #twitview09 #asugrad09

AF: You were tracking many Twitter feeds answring questions in realtime. Without this tool what would u have had 2 do? #twitview09 #asugrad09

NMK: I can’t imagine what I would have done. One woman in dublin was shocked when I answered her question #twitview09 #asugrad09

NMK: This is the only tool that I can see fitting the needs of that kind of communication #twitview09 #asugrad09

AF: Any neat example or success story in the social media newsroom y’day at the Sun Devil Stadium? #twitview09  #asugrad09

NMK: I think the running out of water rumor being addressed was one basic needs win. Photos really helped that #twitview09 #asugrad09

NMK: The biggest win was everyone bringing their expertise to the table, doing their thing. The collaboration #twitview09 #asugrad09

AF: For an audience not familiar with the water issue, can u explain? #twitview09 #asugrad09

NMK: There was a report that we had run out of water at the water stations on the field, it was incorrect. #twitview09 #asugrad09

AF: How long did it take for the rumor to disappear? I saw one reporter rushing 2 the exits to check this #twitview09 #asugrad09

NMK: It seemed to be diffused pretty quickly in person because there was water #twitview09 #asugrad09

NMK: but it was important to report that online so people that weren’t there didn’t think we were careless #twitview09 #asugrad09

AF: Got a link to that picture of the water station?#twitview09 #asugrad09

Water_ASUGrad09_8608210NMK:  RT @asugraduation: RT @emersunn: Contrary to reports, there is plenty of water. #asugrad09 #twitview09

(this is the message she re-tweeted at that moment. Click image left to enlarge)

AF: I noticed several mainstream media folks following our tweets. Any collaborations or exchanges with them worth noting –online or off? #twitview09 #asugrad09

NMK: I can’t really think of mainstream media collaboration from yesterday #twitview09 #asugrad09

AF: No problem. I was sharing images with a photo journalist -he was basically shooting 4us. talk about Fair Use! #twitview09 #asugrad09

NMK: Our collaboration with managed by @dotguy was especially helpful. Featured on their home page. #twitview09 #asugrad09

AndersonCooper_TweetAF: on the media, I wrote 2 Anderson Cooper who continues 2 paint a wrong pic- he let it slide #twitview09 #asugrad09

AF: Going forward how might ASU use the groundswell of social media users across our 4 campuses? Any big ideas? #twitview09 #asugrad09

NMK: I think if we continue to use it as a listening tool, it will be a great way to connect with individuals #twitview09 #asugrad09

NMK: The conversation and interaction is the most important part to me. #twitview09 #asugrad09

AF: Thanks, Nina. Great lessons for all of us. #twitview09 #asugrad09


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