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Just saying “No” – two ways to advertise

shellad_tn2.jpgHave you noticed how the word “No” has gained currency in advertising?

This ad from Shell has been running in some magazines and tells of how the world is full of nay-sayers and those who put down ideas as impractica.l “What does it take to turn no into yes?” it asks. “Curiosity. An open mind. A willingness to take risks.” Somewhat buried in the copy is a link to Shell’s microsite.

But close upon the heels of celebrating “No” is another great execution by BMW, featuring an ad and an insert in WIRED. This time it takes the opposite side, celebrating the word No. “No closes doors… but when used to break convention, it opens more,” the copy reads. As in: “No, we will not compromise ideas. No, we will not do it the way everyone else does it …the ability to say No for all the right reasons.”

To Shell’s credit, it’s not all ad copy. In a report last year, president John Hofmeister blames the oil and gas industry for the “public policy deficit” with regards to energy. “I do not blame the elected officials. I do not blame the American people. I blame the industry for not having spoken of this issue…” he says. At the site, they talk about the energy crisis as a “crisis of inertia.”

Say what you will about Shell, but at least its marketing is in sync with its president.


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